Your Life Story Process

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Get your story between the covers

How Your Life Story Gets Between the Covers

  1. We spend an hour together, chatting by phone about your project and your desires. I take notes. You relax. No charge—FREE.
  2. I’ll send you my preferred specs for text you already have. Then you mail or email me your text and pictures. If you haven’t written a word of your story, that’s ok. I’ll interview you, or your loved one, and develop the text.
  3. I’ll edit and polish your text, or I’ll write the text for you. I’ll email you the manuscript draft and wait for your comments.
  4. When I get your comments, I’ll make your changes, format the book, create a cover, and handle all the details of creating a book from a manuscript. I’ll send you a proof.
  5. Once I have your final comments, we’ll decide if you want an ebook, a paper book, or both. We’ll select paper size, color or black and white, binding type, I’ll send the book to my publisher. At this point, you decide if you want to publish a private book, or one the general public can enjoy.
  6. When Your Life Storybook is ready, if it’s private, I’ll send you the number of copies you ordered from me. If it’s public, I’ll create a link where you can order your own copies at will, directly from the publisher.

Your book, Your Life Story, or Your Business Story will reflect your ideas and your voice. I’ll be your partner and coach, providing OnText’s total expertise at every step.

book coach

This isn’t really me. I’m much nicer.

We’ll work with you as long as necessary to understand Your Life Story and to fill your needs, respecting your privacy every step of the way.

A recent OnText Your Life Story project: While researching a client’s family, I found copies of the Ellis Island passenger list from the day the family landed in the U.S. in 1923. I ordered document copies and was able to give the family a keepsake they never knew existed, while adding memoir details that hadn’t been known before.



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